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Wonders of Tivat

The weather heartened us up in the morning and a serene walk along the picturesque coast of the Bay of Kotor gave us some ideas how to spend this day. We were just enjoying the beauty of the seashore as we noticed a number of luxurious yachts docked in the marina. All yachts were sparkling clean and diverse in size. As we found out later the owner of the naval base is a Canadian billionaire (Peter Munk by name)… Read More…


Tivat and Kotor: Bokoljska Night – spectacular boat festival

It is high time to start planning your summer vacation that is why I believe my today’s story and my travel experience will guide you and contribute to the right decision you’ll make. I’ve already tried different kinds of vacations starting from sprawling on the beach to mountain climbing but anyway I always strive to get the best from the place I visit. Last year, I mean 2012, my husband and I didn’t plan any vacation at all as… Read More…


Trans-Siberian in Winter Part III

The first night on the Rossiya

When we reached kilometer 210, “Vladimir central”, the train was still perhaps 10 minutes behind schedule, the clock reading 12:30 a.m. as we settled to take on a few more passengers heading east.  Beyond, in the darkness, was the Golden Ring city of Vladimir. An ancient city that dates back to the days of Kiev Rus, the first great Russian state, it is named for either Vladimir Monomakh (who inherited the land… Read More…


My Riga Trip

The clock ticks down the last half revolution of the minute hand before the time arrives to leave this hotel room. My bags are packed, and I am stretched out on the bed, my mind pondering the whole idea of the very essence of travel inspired by the experiences I just enjoyed in the city of Riga. Going to a new country involves more than just sightseeing and exploring all the “must sees” and doing all the “must dos.” It… Read More…


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our dear friends and followers! The most mysterious and enigmatic time is coming – Christmas and New Year holidays. It is time when children are waiting with bated breath for presents from Santa Clause and even adults start believing in fairy-tales. We would like to wish you all the best in the forthcoming year and thank you for being with us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Travel All Russia. May the Love, Peace, and Joy of Christmas

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